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Since 2005

letante ζευγάρι
Each of our christening compositions is a unique creation! It is made and embroidered by hand, with passion, knowledge and materials of unsurpassed quality. We are inspired and created based on the personal relationship we develop with you, from the moment you assign us the most special moment of your baby, his baptism!
At Letante Atelier we know and love the materials that dress the soft skin of children, and we never stop looking for new ways of expression. Of particular importance for us is the perfect seam and application of each baptismal composition. We use soft and comfortable Swiss fabrics from 100% cotton, linen and pure silk. There is not even a thread in our clothes that could cause allergies in your baby. The details make the difference and we have already confessed: we seek to be different!
Our collections are decorated with handmade embroidery. In some things we remain unrepentantly traditional: we use French lace, silk ribbons, delicate beads and handmade satin and silk rosettes. Our embroiderer embroiders exclusively for us and exclusively by hand! Buttons of pearls, mother of pearl and tortoiseshell tie the whole set with elegance and grace.
Our commitment is clear: Letante handmade christening clothes take you to a world of magic and fairy tale and turn your child’s christening into a unique and unrepeatable event!

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