Do you have questions about the choice of baptisms or even about the security of your transactions?

We are here to help. If no answer from the list below covers you, please contact us to discuss your concerns.

The choice of both the clothes and the christening package should be based on the comfort of the child. The clothes you choose should be something that suits her/him, that she/he feels comfortable so that she/he can play on the day of the baptism and why not, it could be something that she/he can wear again in various cases.

The baptism package could be something useful e.g. boxes that can serve as storage spaces, benches that can fit in her/his room, suitcases that she/he will use or just bags that are easily stored. We always calculate the needs of the child but also the space available for their storage.

All clothes have sizes according to the age of the child. Choose a size that suits her/him not just for the baptism but for some more months. If you think that one of the existing sizes does not cover you, call us and we will make the clothes in the dimensions that you will give us. Cut and sewn to fit!

The companies we work with have excellent quality anatomical shoes. Be sure to choose something to wear again and focus on designs that hug the child’s foot well so as not to bother her/him. You will not have difficulty in choosing the size as they correspond to the trade numbers. Just make sure the number she/he wears and leave some “space” so he can enjoy them!

All our clothes are cut and sewn in our space. For this reason the delivery time of the clothes is 2-3 weeks while for the baptism packages we will need 3-4 weeks to be prepared by our partners. So it is best to place your order about a month in advance so that everything is ready on time.

Have you already chosen the theme for your baptism? No problem. Contact us and send us the photo of the invitation or the theme you have chosen and we undertake to make the decor in the colors of your theme.

Our place is completely safe and we check the staff daily for Covid-19. If you want to visit our store but do not want to wait for your service you can just call us to arrange an appointment.

Your order is easy to locate through the Mission Search system offered by our online store. In addition to the link that you will find here, at the bottom of our website there is a special menu Mission Search where with the code of your order you will be able to see what condition it is in: pending, in progress or to be completed. Once it is completed and ready for delivery, we will contact you for the details.

Your transaction is completely secure with us. Beside the more than 16 years of operation of the company letante that guarantees you the best service, we use the specialized Transactions and Security services of the National Bank of Greece that guarantee the concealment of your personal information In addition, we inform you that your payment details are never displayed to us.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.