Christening set for boy | letante | 8120



When the grace of the classic works with fashion and comfort, the result is alternative! He wants everything and when his choices are limited, he knows how to compose new ones! Letante’s proposal for this little gentleman who does not like to be characterized in one way or another, borrows elements from the classic line and combines them harmoniously with bold stylistic proposals. The classic trench coat pants with a yellow modern belt are accompanied by a linen sleeveless jacket with a hood, reminiscent of a strict vest, with a handkerchief in the pocket. We will make the classic seamless shirt modern using linen and we will add the classic bow tie in yellow color, matching the scarf in the pocket. We complete the look with a straw hat, but the ribbon will be yellow, a color that runs discreetly throughout the ensemble. If you can not characterize this look, neither modern nor classic then you know that this little irreconcilable gentleman will be completely satisfied!

At letante, we continue to honor the consumers who established us in the field of branded baptisms, offering the most economical proposals without negotiating quality. Prices include VAT. Shipments throughout Greece, Cyprus and all foreign countries.

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